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Perpetual Motion. Robert Park. 28 Jun 2002. “Free Energy, APS speaks out on Perpetual Motion”. Playground. Mike Wendland. 3 Mar 3, 2003. Kiddie Power. Detroit Free Press. Soap. Michael Steen. 16 Sep 2002. A squeaky clean future for the … Continue reading

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Solar Power Overview

Solar generation is about .06 percent — six hundredths of 1 percent (.0006) — of renewable energy consumption in the United States. EIA. June 2006. Renewable Energy Annual. It will be hard to scale solar up to anything meaningful in … Continue reading

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Alice Friedemann. 2008. “The Hydrogen Economy. Savior of Humanity or an Economic Black Hole?” Skeptic 14:48-51. Skeptics scoff at perpetual motion, free energy, and cold fusion, but what about energy from hydrogen? Before we invest trillions of dollars in a … Continue reading

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Hydropower is temporary. Dams silt up, there are limited rivers, and they do harm

1) Ultimately dams silt up, usually within 25 to 200 years, so hydro-power is not a renewable source of power. 2) We’ve already dammed up the best rivers. There are now more than 45,000 dams around the world, affecting more … Continue reading

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Natural Gas pros and cons

Natural gas is the ideal electricity generating source: No sulfur or mercury like coal No particulates like diesel fuels Isn’t radioactive like uranium It’s always “on” unlike intermittent sources such as wind and solar Natural gas power plants are essential … Continue reading

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Shale oil

Articles about shale oil This is the best overview of shale “oil“:  Oct 3, 2005. Randy Udall. The Illusive Bonanza: Oil Shale in Colorado “Pulling the Sword from the Stone”. Shell is pulling out of Colorado after 31 years of … Continue reading

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Why Oilsands (a.k.a. tarsands) can’t replace oil

Tar sand excavation images: trucks landscape tarsand refineries overhead video: Beautiful Destruction – Alberta Tar Sands Aerial Photographs The problems with oilsands (tarsands) are: 1)   In the tar sands open-pit mines, to produce one barrel of synthetic crude it takes … Continue reading

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Flow Rate Posts

Interview of Richard G. Miller by Steve Andrews in Peak Oil Review.  Feb 2014. Q: You refer to the widely used phrase—“it’s not so much the size of the tank as it is the size of the tap.”  Care to comment … Continue reading

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Depletion Rate Articles and Posts

Articles 2005. Matt Simmons. THE WORLD’S GIANT OILFIELDS How Many Exist? How Much Do They Produce? How Fast Are They Declining? Posts July 13, 2005.   “Powerswitch” Clive Smith What seems to be happening…is that our new oil extraction technology, … Continue reading

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An Overview of What to Do

Alternative Currencies: Argentina was the most successful of any country in coming up with an alternative currency after a financial crash. Barter. What items will most easily be bartered. Birth Control: one child per woman.  Probably too late to do … Continue reading

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