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Perpetual Motion. Robert Park. 28 Jun 2002. “Free Energy, APS speaks out on Perpetual Motion”. Playground. Mike Wendland. 3 Mar 3, 2003. Kiddie Power. Detroit Free Press. Soap. Michael Steen. 16 Sep 2002. A squeaky clean future for the … Continue reading

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Wave and Tidal Energy: limited, intermittent, destroyed by storms

Wave Energy Around thirty wave energy ventures have failed in recent years. The Denmark “Wave Dragon” wasn’t rugged enough. The UK “Salter Duck”, Netherlands “Archimedes Wave Swing”, The Sea Clam, the Tapchan, and the Pendulor have all gone belly up. … Continue reading

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Geothermal – can it make up for peak fossil fuels?

Only a few urban areas are near potential sources such as volcanoes, hot springs, and geysers. Geothermal plants often emit hydrogen sulfide, CO2, and toxic sludge containing arsenic, mercury, sulfur, and silica  compounds. Extra land may be needed to dispose … Continue reading

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Wind power will not save us

SCALE.  Too many windmills need to be built to replace oil. Worldwide, 32,850 wind turbines with 70 to 100 meter blades generating 1.65 MW built every year for the next 50 years, or 1,642,000 total would be needed to replace … Continue reading

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Solar Power Overview

Solar generation is about .06 percent — six hundredths of 1 percent (.0006) — of renewable energy consumption in the United States. EIA. June 2006. Renewable Energy Annual. It will be hard to scale solar up to anything meaningful in … Continue reading

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2008. Alice Friedemann. “The Hydrogen Economy. Savior of Humanity or an Economic Black Hole?” Skeptic Vol 14 No 1, 48-51. Skeptics scoff at perpetual motion, free energy, and cold fusion, but what about energy from hydrogen? Before we invest trillions … Continue reading

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Hydropower is temporary. Dams silt up, there are limited rivers, and they do harm

1) Ultimately dams silt up, usually within 25 to 200 years, so hydro-power is not a renewable source of power. 2) We’ve already dammed up the best rivers. There are now more than 45,000 dams around the world, affecting more … Continue reading

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Why Nuclear Power is not an alternative to fossil fuels

There are many reasons nuclear power is not even a partial solution to the energy crisis. You’d need 24,000 Breeder Reactors, each one a potential nuclear bomb pp. 132-135 MANKIND AT THE TURNING POINT: The Second Club of Rome Report, … Continue reading

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Methane Hydrate extraction issues

These are a crystalline form of methane gas and pure water that exists where pressures are sufficiently high, or temperatures sufficiently low. Like oil, coal, and natural gas, they are finite in supply, not a sustainable solution to the energy … Continue reading

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Natural Gas pros and cons

Natural gas is the ideal electricity generating source: No sulfur or mercury like coal No particulates like diesel fuels Isn’t radioactive like uranium It’s always “on” unlike intermittent sources such as wind and solar Natural gas power plants are essential … Continue reading

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