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Mass Extinction in Oceans is happening NOW

ScienceDaily (Aug. 20, 2012) — Life in the world’s oceans faces far greater change and risk of large-scale extinctions than at any previous time in human history, a team of the world’s leading marine scientists has warned.  The researchers compared … Continue reading

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Carcinogenic Flame retardants, PBDE’s, are in your furniture, food, soda

Latest news Must read series of articles at the Chicago Tribune: June 2012: These ongoing articles at the Chicago Tribune have given Governor Jerry Brown of California the courage to ask legislators to reduce or eliminate flame retardant requirements.  That’s … Continue reading

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The Back to the Land Movement: Why it Failed and Why we Need to Try Again Anyway

A review of: Back from the Land: How Young Americans Went to Nature in the 1970s, and Why They Came Back  As oil and natural gas decline, many of us will have to go back to the land. There is … Continue reading

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Permafrost melting destabilizes infrastructure

In addition to methane releases adding to the runaway greenhouse effect, continued thawing of permafrost threatens to destabilize transportation, building, and energy extraction infrastructure in Russia’s colder regions.  Permafrost, or soil that is permanently frozen, covers about 63 percent of … Continue reading

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One Child Per Woman — or NONE

Many ecologists and scientists see one, or even no children at all, as the only option to avoid a die-off in the usual unpleasant ways — genocide, war, starvation, and disease. I’ve said one-child per woman for many years, but … Continue reading

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Huge releases of arctic methane

Methane is a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide. At the American Geophysical Union Meeting in San Francisco, Dr Semiletov announced he’d found an unprecedented amount of methane bubbling up from the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (which … Continue reading

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Drought affects Survival in many ways

Christian Parenti calls multiple crises “The Catastrophic Convergence” in “Tropic of Chaos, Climate change and the new geography of Violence”.  The problem isn’t that calamities happen simultaneously, it’s that they compound and amplify one another. Obviously drought reduces agricultural production.  … Continue reading

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Even faraway drought will destabilize the United States in two main ways: 1)      Beginning in 2004, we started importing half of our food.  Drought will make imports more expensive.  Larry Rohter. Dec 12, 2004. South America Seeks to Fill the … Continue reading

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Climate Change: unprecedented RATE species can’t adapt to

  5 Dec 2011. Climate Changes Faster Than Species Can Adapt, Rattlesnake Study Finds. ScienceDaily. The ranges of species will have to change dramatically as a result of climate change between now and 2100 because the climate will change more … Continue reading

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Mercury Nationally most mercury in all of our waterways, restriciting how much fish can be eaten in the lower 48 states, comes from coal power plants. California Gold Mining. California has gotten rid of coal plants and won’t buy electricity … Continue reading

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