An Overview of What to Do

Alternative Currencies: Argentina was the most successful of any country in coming up with an alternative currency after a financial crash.

Barter. What items will most easily be bartered.

Birth Control: one child per woman.  Probably too late to do even that, but if population could be kept in line with declining resources, that would be the least likely to spiral in to nuclear war, famine, and all the other ghastly happenings when Malthusian limits are reached.

Coal.  This is a really bad, really scary idea.  Right now, experiments are underway to see if we can burn the coal underground to gasify it.  This could raise temperatures by 10 degrees centigrade.  This is far worse than fracking!  I had removed my extinction category because I thought being at peak oil, gas, and coal meant CO2 emissions would start to go down, but if this can be made to work, I’ll need to put the extinction category back again.  Let’s hope it proves to be as unprofitable as fracking.  If you thinking fracking is going to go on for much longer, read Bill Powers Book “Cold, Hungry and in the Dark: Exploding the Natural Gas Supply Myth“).

Coping: This is such bad news.  Since I’d been reading non-fiction for 30 years, I was walloped hard like a sucker punch to the stomach, and quite depressed for months.  I pulled out of it by actively gaining useful skills, joining gardening groups, corresponding with others aware of the situation at energyresources and runningonempty yahoo forums — taking action.

Denial: I was going to make a list of the reasons people can’t accept resources are limited on a finite planet but it’s better to read the  poignant and emotional posts: how others react to the energy / ecology crisis of interest.  Many of us can only take limited action because we’re married to spouses in denial who won’t or can’t cope with how serious the crisis is, don’t want to hear about it.  Don’t let that stop you from gaining what skills and making what emergency preparations you can.

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