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William Rees

Professor at the University of British Columbia’s School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) He is the originator of ‘ecological footprint analysis.’ He is a Fellow of the Post-Carbon Institute and a Founding Fellow of the One Earth Initiative. 23 … Continue reading

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Inequality goes back to the Stone Age

28 May 2012. Inequality Dates Back to Stone Age: Earliest Evidence Yet of Differential Access to Land. ScienceDaily. Hereditary inequality began over 7,000 years ago in the early Neolithic era, with new evidence showing that farmers buried with tools had … Continue reading

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Skip the meat and wine, pass the root vegetables (all 7+ billion of you)

I don’t seriously think this is a solution, but if you’re in a climate where sweet potatoes can be grown, they’d be a valuable addition to your home garden. Will Oremus. 12 Jun 2012. I Think, Therefore I Yam When … Continue reading

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The website is dedicated to keeping track of world-wide energy shortages and blackouts. Richard Duncan’s Olduvai theory predicts the fall of civilization (Olduvai cliff) will begin in 2012 (ending in 2030) with permanent blackouts worldwide, starting with brownouts and … Continue reading

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