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Rich nations grabbing land from poor nations

If the strongest nations use the weakest nations as farms, this either leads to hunger as food is exported from the local people, or social unrest and civil war as desperate people try to take back their land. Fred Pearce. … Continue reading

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Ethanol is Explosive

Oil and natural gas can be cheaply distributed by pipeline, but ethanol must move by very expensive truck or train. 6 Feb 2011. Ohio train derailment prompts evacuations. CNN. 7 Oct 2011. Freight Train Derailment in Illinois Prompts Evacuations.   Associated … Continue reading

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Magnetic Reversal could knock out power grids and communication systems

Peter Olson and Renaud Deguen. 1 Jul 2012. Eccentricity of the geomagnetic dipole caused by lopsided inner core growth. Nature Geoscience 5, 565–569 Lopsided growth of the Earth’s core could explain why its magnetic field reverses direction every few thousand … Continue reading

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Climate Change and Infrastructure

Matthew Wald. 25 July 2012. Weather Extremes Leave Parts of U.S. Grid Buckling. New York Times. From highways in Texas to nuclear power plants in Illinois, the concrete, steel and sophisticated engineering that undergird the nation’s infrastructure are being taxed … Continue reading

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Drought and the Food Supply

  Annie Lowrey. 25 Jul 2012. Severe Drought Seen as Driving Cost of Food Up.  New York Times. Scorching heat and the worst drought in nearly a half-century are threatening to send food prices up, spooking consumers and leading to … Continue reading

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Natural Gas — How Much is Left in the USA?

Although there’s been a fracking boom for shale gas in America, many are skeptical.   We need local gas since it’s very expensive to import from overseas sources like Qatar, and we’re competing with other nations for delivery, which drives the … Continue reading

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Liebig’s Law Of the Minimum

Liebig’s Law of the Minimum originally applied to plants, which require 21 nutrients — if any of them are missing the plant won’t grow to it’s full potential, or not be able to grow at all.  It’s similar to the … Continue reading

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History of Drought in America since 1899 – Worst ever now

The dust bowls of the 1950s were worse than the famous dust bowls of the Great Depression.  The conditions for a new dust bowl are happening again, only this time we’ve cut down the trees so that 27 ton tractors … Continue reading

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Extinction has Nearly Happened Before: The Human Bottleneck

Analysis of our genome has revealed we probably went through a time when we were reduced to a population between 40 and 15,000.  If we reach such low numbers again from all of the factors in Collapse and some or … Continue reading

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Reg Morrison on methane’s potential for another major extinction event

Reg Morrison. 18 Mar 2012. The Climate Debate Is global warming real? Here’s a fresh look at an old argument. You should go to the link above, it’s got great PHOTOS and a whole lot more information. EVOLUTION’S SHOTGUN  … Continue reading

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