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More Dust Bowls on the way

Gaskill, M. 27 Nov 2012. Climate Change Threatens to Create a Second Dust Bowl. Rising temperatures, persistent drought, and depleted aquifers on the southern Great Plains could set the stage for a disaster similar to the Dust Bowl of the … Continue reading

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Permafrost Carbon Dioxide

  Morello, Lauren. 27 Nov 2012. Large-Scale Melting of Permafrost May Be Underway. Release of CO2 is overlooked in climate models; better monitoring needed. Scientific American. As the climate warms, thawing permafrost could have a major impact on the world’s … Continue reading

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A better way to measure Planetary boundaries: global plant production

Running, Steven W. 21 Sep 2012. A Measurable Planetary Boundary for the Biosphere. Science. Forty years ago Meadows et al, in “Limits to Growth 1972″ concluded that by the first part of the 21st century, limits to essential global resources … Continue reading

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The Fragility of Microchips

This is an introduction to how microchips are made to give you an idea of how difficult and amazing they are. They’re also incredibly important to civilization — like energy, there isn’t a single business endeavor, infrastructure, or  electronic device … Continue reading

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Even Pencils will be hard to make

Most of us are unaware of how complex our society is, how things are made, how food is grown, how stuff is delivered, and the people, energy, transportation, and kinds and sources of materials in every day objects.  This essay, … Continue reading

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Toasters are Toast

Thomas Thwaites’ book, “The Toaster Project” illustrates why it will be so hard, if not impossible, to bounce back from collapse in the future to anything like what we take for granted today.  Thwaites set about trying to make a … Continue reading

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How to find a good Property insurance company

What is a good homeowners insurance company? Solvent enough to pay your claim in a large disaster such as a fire or earthquake, and willing to pay you a reasonable amount of money in timely manner. After the 2008 financial … Continue reading

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Delay, Deny, Defend

Jay M. Feinman.  2010. Delay, Deny, Defend: Why Insurance Companies Don’t Pay Claim and What You Can Do About It. Nearly all of the 3,500 families who burned down in the Oakland 1991 firestorm formed groups by insurance company to … Continue reading

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David Korowicz : Tipping Point Near-Term Systemic Implications of a Peak in Global Oil Production

This is the most brilliant and succinct paper I’ve ever seen that explains the interdependencies of our economic, energy, infrastructure, food, and other systems.  It is so well-written that you ought to read the entire paper, my summary can’t do … Continue reading

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Tariel Mórrígan: Peak Energy, Climate Change, and the Collapse of Global Civilization.

Morrigan, Tariel. Oct 2010. Peak Energy, Climate Change, and the Collapse of Global Civilization.  The current peak oil Crisis. University of California, Santa Barbara. Peak oil is happening now.  The era of cheap and abundant oil is over. • Global … Continue reading

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