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Antecedents — too much oil needed to make wind, solar, batteries, and so on

Fossil fuels are used in every step of every process AND as a component of material objects from plastics to medicine and 500,000 other products. Any kind of alternative energy you care to name requires fossil fuels from the very … Continue reading

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Statistics. Michael Snyder’s “75 economic numbers from 2012″

Michael Snyder. 21 Dec 2012. 75 economic numbers from 2012 that are almost too crazy to believe. #1 In December 2008, 31.6 million Americans were on food stamps.  Today, a new all-time record of 47.7 million Americans are on … Continue reading

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ASPO 2012 Conference: What I found Interesting

A picture is worth a thousand words — you may want to scroll through these presentations yourself. ASPO 2012 slide presentations Robert L. Hirsch. Peak Oil. Some Knowns & Unknowns. Slide 6: Peak oil isn’t yet impacting oil prices — … Continue reading

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Wind and Solar Power Require MORE Fossil Fuels

Ralph Vartabedian. 9 Dec 2012.  Rise in renewable energy will require more use of fossil fuels. Los Angeles Times. As California attempts to reach the goal of producing one-third of its electricity from wind and solar sources by 2020, more … Continue reading

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Birth Control Impossible due to Religion, they prefer you die of starvation, disease, and war

What a horror: so-called “Pro-Life” religions force their nasty beliefs on a woman’s right to control her own destiny and a civilizations ability to decently house and feed citizens, dooming societies of the future crazed from hunger and disease brought … Continue reading

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Overpopulation is destroying the planet — China for example

Kenneth R. Weiss. July 22, 2012. China’s population and economy are a double whammy for the world China’s ‘one-child’ policy has slowed population growth and brought prosperity — but it couldn’t avert massive damage to the environment. Los Angeles Times. … Continue reading

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Worldwide hunger and starvation

Kenneth R. Weiss. 22 July 2012. As the world’s population grows, hunger persists on a massive scale. Nearly 1 billion people are malnourished, and a child dies of hunger every 11 seconds.  Los Angeles Times series “Beyond 7 billion”. Around … Continue reading

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Overpopulation will lead to Uprisings, Social Chaos, and Revolutions

Kenneth R. Weiss. July 22, 2012. Runaway population growth often fuels youth-driven uprisings.  In fast-growing countries, many young men are unable to find employment or pay dowries. Frustrated ambitions can be an explosive force — and a reason for joining … Continue reading

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Dan Allen: When collapse happens, help it crash faster

What Dan Allen writes below is what many scientists and ecological activists are thinking and saying privately. Read his entire post at for context, since this slice of the article seems rather harsh and cruel from this small excerpt. … Continue reading

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