Antecedents — too much oil needed to make wind, solar, batteries, and so on

Fossil fuels are used in every step of every process AND as a component of material objects from plastics to medicine and 500,000 other products. Any kind of alternative energy you care to name requires fossil fuels from the very beginning to the very end, from mining the rocks with metal ores, crushing the rock, smelting the metal, fabricating the components, construction of the alternative energy plant, the electric grid, the roads all these components were delivered on, the road itself (asphalt, bitumen), to plant, fertilize, harvest, store, distribute, and cook the food all the workers who were part of the process ate — the antecedents are endless.

To grasp this concept better, consider these three articles:

Even pencils will be hard to make

Toasters are toast


MicroChips after Collapse: kiss your computer and cell phone goodbye


Alternative energy plants and devices require more energy than they’ll return in their entire lifetime, so they’re a waste of energy, built to give hope to the population while the powerful political and business leaders hope the scientists will come up with something.  Which won’t happen for all the reasons in this section of my website under the energy category.

Alice Friedemann



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