Birth Control Impossible due to Religion, they prefer you die of starvation, disease, and war

What a horror: so-called “Pro-Life” religions force their nasty beliefs on a woman’s right to control her own destiny and a civilizations ability to decently house and feed citizens, dooming societies of the future crazed from hunger and disease brought on by overpopulation and destruction of natural resources to Hitler-like regimes that will torture, kidnap, and slaughter civilians by the millions, or endless social chaos as in the Democratic Republic of Congo with child soldiers and enslaved villages, young women raped at will — all for a few extra coins in the church offertory, and lower wages in factories and offices.

Philippines birth control: Filipinos want it, priests don’t In the Philippines, access to contraceptives is limited for the most part to those with the means to pay. The Catholic Church has fought a “reproductive health bill” in the legislature that would change that. Los Angeles Times series “Beond 7 billion”

…the mayor of Manila — with the blessing of Roman Catholic bishops — halted the distribution of contraceptives at public clinics to promote “a culture of life.” The order put birth control pills and other contraceptives out of reach for millions of poor Filipinos, who could not afford to buy them at private pharmacies.

It’s one example of how religious and political forces affect women’s control over childbearing and, as a result, the trajectory of population growth in the developing world.  The church’s stance puts it at odds with many of its followers

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