Demand Destruction – use less oil (coal, natural gas)

Reducing the amount of oil we use by 90% as soon as possible, before this is forced upon us without preparation, needs to be a national priority.

Demand destruction, and one-child per woman, are the only “solutions” that can lessen future human suffering from war, climate change, starvation, and disease.

Reducing fossil fuel use is also the best way to preserve some of the vast scientific understanding we’ve acquired about how the universe works.  Chaos and war tends to result in library destruction.

The religious right already does what it can to dumb down science textbooks.  In the future chaos and war, I believe that science books will be destroyed by religious fanatics so they can get humans back to easy superstitious manipulation of their minds and pocketbooks.

Jans Lars Mueller, Executive Director, Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas USA calls for a reduction of 70 or even 90 percent of what we’re using now.  The USA consumes 17-20 million barrels per day (mpd) and produces 6 mpd, down from a peak of 10 mpd in 1970.

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