Maps of Hazardous Waste Sites, Pollution, Wildfire in USA

How safe from hazardous waste spills, pollution, and wildfire are you?

As  energy shortages, poverty, and social unrest force increasing localization, with less energy and resources to maintain or clean up hazardous wastes, fight wildfires, go after polluters, and so on, you may want to consider what hazards are in your area and move to a safer location if need be.

Releases of toxic substances will happen for many reasons such as holding pond failures, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, explosions, volcanoes, and so on.

Coal Ash  Google Maps click here to tour coal plants and their coal ash ponds, or in in Google Earth click this file

Nuclear Waste SitesWorldwide waste sites.   Also here.  Because there are no safe repositories, nuclear waste is stored at every nuclear power plant, vulnerable to natural disaster, terrorists, and so on, each waste site a potential source of fuel for a nuclear or dirty bomb, and life-threatening if plutonium waste is inhaled.  Each site a hazard for tens of thousands of years.

Air Pollution Map.

Water Polluter Map (New York Times).

Superfund National Priorities List: click here for the large scale map. To drill down to your state and county, click here.

Underground Storage Tanks. Hazardous biofuel, ethanol, and biodiesel tanks.

Contaminated sediment sites. What substances need to be cleaned up:  The Priority List of Hazardous Substances.

Brownfields map.

Animal Waste Map. Almost two trillion pounds of animal waste are produced per year mainly by intensive livestock operations. Their treatment practices  are often inadequate to protect our drinking water and environment, posing one of America’s serious pollution problems.

Map of pesticide use by chemical.

EPA Enforcement of 2009 Criminal, Air, Water, and Land violations (select radiobuttons on the side for the locations to appear)

Wildfire Assessment Map: To see the potential for wildfire in your area Click here to download the WFAS Google Earth Map Data file in KMZ format

Other kinds of waste that exist but the maps are hard to navigate, or understand, or drill down to a local level:

Ground water or aquifer pollution, arsenic in water, Mercury, Electronic Waste (some of the worst superfund sites in the USA are where computer chips used to be made in Santa Clara county, CA),  Industrial Waste, Construction & Demolition Materials, Cement Kiln Dust, Crude Oil and Natural Gas, Mineral Processing Mining Waste, Medical Waste

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