Materials: 48,000 pounds of minerals Per Person/Per Year in USA

Fugate, Nelson. March, 2007. 300 Million Americans Need 7 Billion Tons to Maintain Living Standard. Mineral Information Institute.

Every year, each of the 300 million Americans uses the following to generate energy — the equivalent of 300 people working 24/7 for each of us, which would mean 90 Billion slaves:

  • 1,056 gallons of Petroleum
  • 7,442 lbs. of Coal
  • 73,414 cu. ft. of Natural Gas
  • 1/3 lb. of Uranium

Per Year every American consumes:

  • 12,464 lbs. Stone to make roads; buildings; bridges; landscaping; numerous chemical and construction uses
  • 9,718 lbs. Sand & Gravel for concrete; asphalt; roads; blocks & bricks
  • 965 lbs. Cement  roads; sidewalks; bridges; buildings; schools; houses
  • 420 lbs. Iron Ore  steel  buildings; cars, trucks, planes, & trains; other construction; containers
  • 410 lbs. Salt used in various chemicals; highway deicing; food & agriculture
  • 237 lbs. Phosphate Rock fertilizers to grow food; animal feed supplements
  • 263 lbs. Clays  floor & wall tile; dinnerware; kitty litter; bricks & cement; paper
  • 70 lbs. Aluminum (Bauxite) used to make buildings; beverage containers; autos; airplanes
  • 18 lbs. Copper buildings; electrical & electronic parts; plumbing; transportation
  • 12 lbs. Lead  75% used for transportation— batteries; electrical; communications; TV screens
  • 10 lbs. Zinc used to make metals rust resistant; various metals & alloys; paint; rubber; skin creams; health care; and nutrition
  • 44 lbs. Soda Ash used to make all kinds of glass, in powdered detergents, medicines, as a food additive, photography, water treatment.
  • 6 lbs. Manganese used to make almost all steels for: construction; machinery; transportation
  • 665 lbs. Other Nonmetals numerous uses glass; chemicals; soaps; paper; computers; cell phones; etc.
  • 30 lbs. Other Metals numerous uses same as nonmetals, but also electronics; TV & video equipment; recreation equipment; etc.

Maintaining the American standard of living required 7.1 billion tons of rocks and minerals last year, or 48,000 pounds of new minerals for every person in the USA.  125 million houses require heating, cooling, and lighting, and 2 million new houses a year each need 250,000 pounds of minerals and metals.  There are 4 million miles of roads that need to be built and maintained. 237 million motor vehicles. And so on.

Every Year, the USA uses 7 Billion Tons of:
32,654 lbs. Iron Ore, 5.71 million cu. ft. Natural Gas, 31,909 lbs.Salt, 5,417 lbs.Bauxite(Aluminum, 20,452 lbs. Clays, 578,956 lbs. Coal, 911 lbs. Lead, 773 lbs.Zinc, 1.72 million lbs. Stone, Sand, & Gravel, 18,447 18,447 lbs. Phosphate Rock,  75,047 lbs. Cement, 82,169 gallons Petroleum, 1,398 lbs. Copper, 680,341 lbs other minerals and metals


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