Why Collapse is Inevitable (but hard to see)

Gregor Macdonald explains very well Why we will be Returning to Simplicity (Whether We Want To or Not) that we depend on continuing growth to function.  We’ve all existed at a time when technology got better and better at extracting lot increasing amounts of resources to continue growth.

“This has produced a faithful belief among the public that has helped to blur the lines between human innovation and limited natural resources. Technology does not create resources, though it does embody our ability to access resources. When the two are operating smoothly in tandem, society mistakes one for the other. This has created a new and very modern problem — a misplaced trust in technology to consistently fulfill our economic needs.

What happens once key resources become so dilute that technology, by itself, can no longer meet our growth needs?”

And then a fascinating discussion of the BP and Fukushima disasters, complexity, and more details that give greater depth to this general concept.

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