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Noam Chomsky: If Nuclear War Doesn’t Get Us, Climate Change Will

The growing threats of nuclear war and environmental catastrophe make it hard to bet on the survival of our species. Watch the video at:  

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Financial Monsters — Bigger Crashes than 2008 are yet to come

by Alice Friedemann   October 12, 2007 The monsters are still there. Sure, quantitative easing fed them enough money to keep them away for a while, but cheap money can’t be doled out to bankrupt banksters and Wall Street forever.  Meanwhile … Continue reading

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Here We Are At the Edge of the Energy Cliff

  Here we are at the energy cliff, approaching the time we warned everyone about.  Wiley coyote is over the edge, legs wheeling in the air. In California it’s warm and sunny, home prices are going up, Silicon Valley is … Continue reading

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A Huge Solar Plant Opens, Facing Doubts About Its Future

A Huge Solar Plant Opens, Facing Doubts About Its Future By DIANE CARDWELL and MATTHEW L. WALD FEB. 13, 2014.  New York Times. The Ivanpah solar power plant: Cost $2.2 billion dollars to build Can energize 140,000 homes ($15,714 per … Continue reading

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Why aren’t there Battery Powered Airplanes?

  A 200-seat airplane weighs about 115 tons at take off. About a third, or 38 tons of that weight is the kerosene fuel. The other 77 tons are the passengers, their luggage, and the airplane itself. An electric, battery-powered … Continue reading

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Battery energy density too low to power cars

Despite billions of dollars spent on battery since the first battery was created in 1800, there is still no battery in sight that could power cars because batteries depend on electro-chemical processes, resulting in little power density and short life … Continue reading

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North Korea: When you mix Energy Depletion with Nuclear Weapons, the Result is Explosive

North Korea isn’t crazy – what nuclear nation won’t try nuclear blackmail after peak oil? North Korea is portrayed as nation run by insane ruler, but building nuclear weapons to blackmail other nations for oil is cold-bloodedly rational, the result … Continue reading

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Oakland Depletion Protocol

Oakland, California:  Local Depletion Protocol By Alice Friedemann Latest revision February 21, 2006 Note: I’ve been adding to this as time permits since April 2005, as I read about the history of agriculture, transportation, etc.  This was first posted July … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned from How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

by Alice Friedemann 2012 update:  Cuba’s agriculture experiments are not working out according to the New York Times. There are many reasons, but the main one is there aren’t enough trucks to distribute the food, and existing trucks are so … Continue reading

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Oil Production Fueled Population Growth and Food Production

As oil exponentially declines, so will population and food. 1994. Elaine M. Murphy. World Population: Toward the Next Century, © 1994 by the Population Reference Bureau, 1875 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Suite 520, Washington, DC, 20009. Property of Population Reference Bureau, … Continue reading

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