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Flow Rate by Kurt Cobb at Resource Insights

[I’ve combined & rearranged sections from the articles below] April 28, 2013  The only true metric of energy abundance: The rate of flow September 02, 2012 Why the oil industry doesn’t want you to remember the last 14 years Energy … Continue reading

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Oil can never be replaced with alternative energy

People who think that wind, solar, biofuels, hydrogen, batteries, and so on will save us simply don’t understand how much energy is contained in oil and other fossil fuels, how much we rely on it, how it is at the … Continue reading

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Natural Gas and Trucking

What we are facing is a liquids fuels crisis, since 97% of transportation depends on oil (especially to plant, harvest, and distribute food, long-haul trucking, trains, etc).  To the extent that natural gas can fill in for oil, that will … Continue reading

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Peak Oil Acknowledged by Middle Eastern countries — they’re scared

Very interesting reflections on a peak oil conference in the Middle east of the countries that export oil.  I think it must mean we’re past peak, don’t believe “the near future”. Peak Oil as seen through the eyes of Arab … Continue reading

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Over 250 Cognitive biases, fallacies, errors, and more

This is from Wikipedia.  Yikes — we are all delusional! Cognitive Biases: Decision-making, belief & behavioral biases Ambiguity effect – the tendency to avoid options for which missing information makes the probability seem “unknown.” Anchoring – the tendency to rely … Continue reading

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Republicans Brains are Wired to Deny Science & Reality

A book review by Alice Friedemann at of: Chris Mooney. 2012. “The Republican Brain. The Science of Why They Deny Science—and Reality”. We are all susceptible to over 250 cognitive biases, fallacies, and errors, regardless of what political party … Continue reading

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The Big 5 Personality Traits – psychobabble or science?

Alice Friedemann’s review of : Daniel Nettle.  2008.  “Personality, What makes you the way you are”.  Oxford University Press. Scientists have considered psychology to be a very soft science at best and quackery or psychobabble at worst.  But psychology is … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy can’t supply more than 30% of electricity without revolutionary battery breakthrough

Wind and solar are too intermittent to comprise much of electric grid power now, according to Steven Chu, former US energy secretary.  In 2010, Chu said, “Without technological breakthroughs in efficient, large-scale energy storage, it will be difficult to rely … Continue reading

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Poverty is Increasing

We’ve hit an all-time record of poverty not seen since the great depression.  The stock market and housing rally is not a good measure of how the majority of us are doing. 4 Apr 2013. 21 Statistics About The Explosive … Continue reading

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