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Peak Phosphorus

Below is an excerpt from page 176 of Princeton professor Kenneth S. Deffeyes from his book “Beyond Oil, the view from Hubbert’s Peak” (2005): Phosphate (PO4+++) is mined commercially from sedimentary rocks containing the mineral apatite, a form of calcium … Continue reading

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Aquifer decline in California

Central valley of California (20,000 Square Miles) Cumulative groundwater depletion in the Central Valley of California, 1900 through 2008 California grows a third of America’s food, so what happens here affects everyone. California lost nearly 145 cubic kilometers of groundwater … Continue reading

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Ogallala (High Plains) aquifer depletion

Ogallala aquifer (High Plains) Cumulative groundwater depletion in the High Plains aquifer 1900-2008 Has declined as much as 164 feet in some places. 337 km3 total depletion since 1900.

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USGS Groundwater Depletion study of Aquifer decline in the United States

The Ogallala aquifer and other aquifers produce about one-third of america’s corn, wheat, alfalfa and other crops that feed both people and animals.  They are being depleted rapidly and most wont’ be recharged until after the next ice age. According … Continue reading

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Only you can prevent wildfires: write FEMA by June 17, 2013

If you’d like to prevent another wildfire, I encourage you to write FEMA or go to the meeting tomorrow, May 18th at 10 am – see for details on where to send a letter and meeting place. A great … Continue reading

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Why we might not go extinct from fossil fuel emissions

Peak Fossils means Peak Emissions and the lowest to medium IPCC projections at worst This is an overview, other posts in this category contain peer-reviewed papers that show why this is true.  The heart of the problem is that the … Continue reading

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