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Ministry of Defence Strategic Trends South Asia out to 2040

Strategic Trends Programme. Regional Survey – South Asia out to 2040. Ministry of Defence. Nafeez Ahmed. June 2013. Rising energy prices will challenge western way of life – MoD report. The Guardian. Converging global trends will dramatically lower prosperity in … Continue reading

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Relax! Solar energy can save us. Krugman says so. by Ted Trainer

Ted Trainer is the author of Renewable Energy Cannot Sustain a Consumer Society and his “What to Do” can be found at The Simpler Way, in The Transition to a Sustainable and Just World, Envirobook, 2010, and the papers … Continue reading

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EROI downward spiral

Stephen Leeb. June 2013. Dangerous times as energy sources get costlier to extract. Forbes. Remember the term “peak oil”? With all the oil now available from oil shale, tar sands, and other new sources, many analysts assume that the old … Continue reading

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World Resources Institute: Within 12 years food production will go down

For a variety of reasons, this report concludes that food production is likely to go down within the next 12 years, not up. The World Resources Institute recently came out with a report that throws into doubt our ability to … Continue reading

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