Oil can never be replaced with alternative energy

People who think that wind, solar, biofuels, hydrogen, batteries, and so on will save us simply don’t understand how much energy is contained in oil and other fossil fuels, how much we rely on it, how it is at the root of every aspect of our lives.

It’s really powerful. Compare the energy density of oil versus other fuels

Btu per
cubic foot
1058      Diesel fuel
990        F-T Diesel
950        Biorenewable Diesel
922        Gasoline
683        Propane
635        LNG
594        Ethanol
488        Methanol
270        Liquid hydrogen
266        CNG @ 3626 psi
68          Compressed Hydrogen @ 3626 psi
16          NiMH Battery

Percent of
Diesel Fuel
Energy Density
100.0 %      Diesel Fuel
93.6 %        F-T Diesel
89.8 %        Biorenewable Diesel
87.2 %        Gasoline
64.6 %        Propane
60.0 %        LNG
56.2 %        Ethanol
46.1 %        Methanol
25.5 %        Liquid Hydrogen
25.1 %        CNG  @ 3626 psi
6.4 %          Compressed Hydrogen @ 3626 psi
1.3 %          NiMH Battery

Consider these 20-year-old statistics from the Department of Energy (double the numbers to get today’s figures)

THE U.S. IMPORTS OVER 50% OF OUR OIL PER YEAR.  How much is that?

= 3.1 billion barrels each year
= 130 billion gallons each year
= equivalent to 4,333,333 rail cars of oil per year, a train 49,242 miles long
= 350 million gallons each day
= equivalent to 559 Olympic-sized swimming pools, 6 feet deep
= 14,583,000 gallons each hour
= equivalent to 1,823 semi-trailers of oil
= 243,000 gallons per minute
= enough to fill over 6,000 bathtubs
= 4,050 gallons each second
= enough to operate your car for 121,500 miles (at 30 mpg)

There are a lot of videos and movies about this, here’s some recent ones from national geographic.

Run out of oil

Aftermath: world without oil

Oil in your life today:

MMFTFF = Materials Mined, Fabricated, Transported with Fossil Fuels

MFO – Made from oil or natural gas — fossil fuels are a substance in over half a million products

EGNGC = Electricity Generated from Natural Gas or Coal, other power plants such as dams (hydroelectric) and Windmills were MMFTFF

Alarm went off: alarm was MMFTFF, likely powered by electricity generated from natural gas or coal (EGNGC). LThe plast

Brush teeth: toothbrush was MMFTFF and is made from fossil fuels (plastic has oil in int).  Medicines: MMFTFf and made from oil.

Shower – water pumped with EGNGC electricity, all materials MMFTFF

Your clothes?  All MMFTFF and all synthetics are made from oil.

Breakfast: eggs fried with natural gas, pan, plate, fork, knife, spoon MMFTFF.  All of the food was planted by a tractor that burned oil, harvested with oil, driven to the store with oil.

Drive or commute to work?  Oil.


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