Investing – random advice that may be great or awful

Be sure to read Nicole Foss and Gail Tverberg to understand the deflationary situation we’re in since investing for deflation is different from inflation.

You Gotta Eat

Fertilizer stocks.  MOS, etc.  They’re the most volatile

Viterra (VT:tsx) and Alliance Grain Traders (AGT:tsx) clean, sort, package, store, and ship grains.  This kind of stock is more stable than fertilizer stocks.

Farmland LP  Farmland LP acquires conventional farmland and converts it into certified Organic. Farmland LP owns 6,750 acres of farmland worth over $50 million in Northern California and Oregon.  Our funds give investors the opportunity to own high quality farmland, while our land management practices increase cash flow by using sustainable crop and livestock rotations.  Investors in Farmland LP help provide Organic farmers and progressive ranchers with access to outstanding land and infrastructure to build their businesses at scale, focused on the crops or livestock they produce best, and on high quality, Organic, sustainable farmland.

Inverse ETFs when the market  crashes

You should never hold an ETF overnight.  If you’re going to do this dangerous gambling, trade during the course of a day, always sell by closing time, and during the day, watch it like a hawk and sell it quickly if the trends go against you — it’s leveraged both ways and if you make the wrong bet you’re going to lose money.

The fees are so high you are almost certain to lose money.

It’s very hard to know the market is crashing, by the time you figure it out, it will be to late. The Wall Street boys will certainly short stocks first, enough to force a “Wall St Hoiday” where all trading stops.

Energy stocks

You missed the big bull run, too bad – you could have made 10 times or more on your investments if only you had believed in Peak Oil back in 2001-7.  Now the EROEI is too high,  and the debt is too high. But maybe there’s an oil shock or two that might send prices sky high between now and collapse, so it’s worth having some shares of energy stocks. If you wait too long to sell though after the next oil shock the economy will crash again, driving your stock prices down.


Already in other countries where the interest rates have gone negative, people are buying safes and withdrawing cash.  If you wait too long, it will be too late.  And beware of US $100 bills:

The Global Run On Physical Cash Has Begun: Why It Pays To Panic First

Gold & Silver

20 years after the crash it may be safe to use precious metals, but unless you are a member of the Hells’ Angels or a paramilitary organization, the odds are good that your hoard will be taken from you during the 20 or so years of time the crash will take place over.

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