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Although I have links to just a few of my favorite posts below by Nicole Foss (aka Stoneleigh) to get you started, the most valuable way to get up to speed  is to buy one or both of her DVD sets.  These clearly explain the crisis and what you can do to cope.

Start with “A World of Change” and then get “Facing the Future” which you can purchase at her blog.

You can figure out much of this information from her posts, but it will take you months, and the puzzle pieces won’t be in a logical order.  She’s writing for a very sophisticated audience who’ve followed her for years. The DVD’s (or videos) are clear and focused with great graphs, charts and other visuals that make her message easy to understand.

If you do want to get up to speed, this is a fantastic primer:

August 13 2011: The Bigger Picture: Primer Guide Update

Keep up with the latest information at:

Feb 7 2014: Debt Rattle  Why Is Up Always Good And Down Always Bad?


July 18, 2012. Jeff Rubin and Oil Prices Revisited

Jan 30, 2012.  Petroplus – the Tip of an Iceberg (scroll down to see it)

Dec 5, 2011: Look Back, Look Forward and Look Down. Way Down.

October 3 2011: Commodities and Deflation: A Response to Chris Martenson

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