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[Below are posts I’ve run across on population I liked. There are no doubt thousands more worth reading as well, send me your favorite links.  I agree with Erlich that we aren’t going to do a damn thing about controlling our numbers.  It will be left to Mother Nature to cut our numbers back to what the earth can support after fossil fuels decline.  In the brief 100 years or so the oil-boom lasted, we have ravaged our atmosphere, oceans, and soil both chemically and physically with enormous diesel-combustion petroleum powered machines that blew up and leveled mountains, destroyed biodiversity to clear forests and wetlands to grow food, scarred the earth with mining, and paved the landscape with roads, parking lots, cities, shopping malls. But after reading Alan Weisman’s “The Earth Without us”, many of the scars will be gone 100 years from now, which is both wonderful and unbelievably sad, because much of our Enlightenment and knowledge is likely to disappear forever.  Alice Friedemann energyskeptic.com]

21 Nov 2014 Richard Adriann Reese The Population Bomb – revisited by What Is Sustainable. culturechange.org

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