For those of you who prefer to listen rather than read.

Overviews of the Energy Crisis

Peak Oil: A Staggering Challenge to “Business As Usual”  A very clever animated documentary from Incubate Pictures, that lays out the challenges to “business as usual” that society faces over the next century. The decisions that we make within the next 50 years will seal the fate of the human race.


Many many videos to choose from at

And even more at PostCarbon

Richard Heinberg

Peak Oil: The Story of More Richard Heinberg at TEDxSonomaCounty

Richard Heinberg: Peak Oil and the Globe’s Limitation

And many more Richard Heinberg videos  — I randomly selected the above two which may not be his best, but everything he does is wonderful, he’s the wisest, most articulate, knowledgeable expert on peak resources.  All of his books are superb as well.

Dr Albert Bartlett on exponential growth

Jason Bradford on:

Nate Hagens, former editor of theoildrum

Joseph Tainter and the Collapse of Complex societies

Tad Patzek – professor at University of Texas, Austin

Postcarbon has hundreds of videos, here’s some of them:

Petrolify®: Don’t Just Seize the Day, Seize Life (humorous)

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