Peak oil in the Congressional record 2014: 7 denials, 1 affirmation

Peak oil in the Congressional record 2014 from the U.S. Government Publishing Office by Alice Friedemann,

  • 7 government documents
  • 7 Denials, 4 from House of representatives David Schweikert of Arizona
  • 1 affirmation of conventional oil peak from James Hansen

Also see: Peak Oil in the Congressional record: Overview

2014/3/13 Keystone XL and the national interest determination.

  • Denial of peak oil – fracked oil will lead to US independence, can be sent to Europe to reduce Putin’s influence, but can’t be done without building the Keystone pipeline (Gen. James L. Jones, USMC (Ret.).
  • Conventional peak near but using tar sands will “screw our children and grandchildren and all the young people in future generations…. This is game over” (James Hansen)

2014/5/6 Energy savings & industrial competitiveness act of 2014. Denial. a few years ago people were talking about peak oil, as if all of the oil that could be discovered had been discovered in the world; we were running out. Well, obviously, that has proven not to be true (Senator Cornyn, Texas)

House of Representatives David Schweikert AZ (4 denials):

  1. 2014/2/11 Ensuring Open Science at EPA. Denial: It was only 10, 12 years ago if you and I sat in this room, we would have been hearing speakers, Members talking about Peak OilWe got it wrong but yet our tax policy, our environmental policy, our military policy was based on that data
  2. 2014/3/12 Science of capture & storage: understanding EPA’s carbon rules. Denial, same as above.
  3. 2014/6/25 Congressional Record H5761. Denial, same as above.
  4. 2014/7/16 Unfunded liabilities, the greatest threat to our future—house. Denial, same as above.

2014/11/18. A roadmap for prosperity—house H8067. Denial. 8 years ago, when President Bush was in, they were talking about something called peak oil theory, where they said we had already discovered all of the recoverable oil and it was going to get lower and lower, and it was going to be harder and harder to recover and that we were at our finite limits. That shows you how wrong science can be, because in the last 5 years we have had the largest oil boom in history right here in the United States (House Rep. Tom Rice, SC)


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