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Book review of Failing states, collapsing systems biophysical triggers of political violence by Nafeez Ahmed

[ In this post I summarize the sections of Nafeez’s book about the biophysical factors that bring nations down (i.e. climate change drought & water scarcity, declining revenues after peak oil, etc.) The Media tend to focus exclusively on economic … Continue reading

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After the harvest – protecting food from rats, mold, insects, fire, and bacteria

Preface. Post-harvest storage in the U.S. consists of gigantic gran elevators, some so huge they can store enough grain for most of the U.S. for weeks at a time.  These silos are highly energy-intensive and far apart, requiring legions of … Continue reading

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Tilting at Windmills, Spain’s disastrous attempt to replace fossil fuels with Solar PV, Part 2

[ Pedro Prieto presented an update on June 20, 2017 at the International Society for Biophysical Economics “Spain’s Solar Revolution Revisited: six years later” here: Pedro-Prieto_ISBPE_2017-Spains-solar-revolution-revisited.pdf.   See the pdf for more information Losses in book overestimated and revised Before / … Continue reading

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Agricultural Transportation and Energy Issues. Senate hearing 2005.

[ After reading this hearing, I can’t help but wonder if the main reason for ethanol is to subsidize farmers.  It certainly does nothing for the energy crisis since the net energy is probably negative and at best break-even.    Since … Continue reading

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Doomsday: Will peak phosphate get us before global warming?

Price, Ed.  July 22, 2013. Doomsday: Will Peak Phosphate Get us Before Global Warming? Although climate change catches the headlines, it is not the only doomsday scenario out there. A smaller but no less fervent band of worriers think … Continue reading

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Sand mines used to frack oil & gas are destroying the best topsoil in the Midwest

Nancy C. Loem. May 23, 2016. The sand mines that ruin farmland.  New York Times. Chicago — While the shale gas industry has been depressed in recent years by low oil and gas prices, analysts are predicting that it will … Continue reading

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HSBC bank report predicts another financial crisis in 2018

[ Bill Hill of the Hill’s group predicted in June 2016 (at a forum): “We expect to have reached permanent depression by the end of 2017. The reduction will not hit all nations the same way. The richer Western … Continue reading

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Peak coal 2013-2045 — most likely 2025-2030

Dennis Coyne. March 11, 2016. Coal Shock Model. Coal is an important energy resource, but we do not know how the size of the economically recoverable resource that will eventually be recovered. The mainstream view is that there are extensive coal … Continue reading

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Wave, Tide, Ocean Current, In-stream, Ocean Thermal (OTEC) power: National Academy of Sciences 2013

Preface. This is  a review of the 2013 National Research Council’s report on harvesting marine energy from waves, tides, temperature differences, currents, and run-of-river.   This is a dream, not a reality, and doesn’t exist commercially, because devices that try to … Continue reading

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Why Nuclear Power is not an alternative to fossil fuels

[ Economic reasons are the main hurdle to new nuclear plants now, with capital costs so high it’s almost impossible to get a loan, especially when natural gas is so much cheaper and less risky. But there are other reasons … Continue reading

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