Booklist: Agriculture

Preface. Industrial agriculture is destroying topsoil, aquifers, and biodiversity with land use changes and pesticides. Pests adapt within 5 years on average to toxic chemicals (see Dyer’s “Chasing the Red Queen” below), and scientists are running out of new poisons.  Someday farming will be forced to go back to being organic as pesticides stop working, and material inputs such as oil (diesel for tractors/harvesters) and natural gas decline (fertilizer), just as plants themselves are constrained by Liebig’s Law of the minimum.

Alice Friedemann  author of “When Trucks Stop Running: Energy and the Future of Transportation”, 2015, Springer, Barriers to Making Algal Biofuels, and “Crunch! Whole Grain Artisan Chips and Crackers”. Podcasts: Collapse Chronicles, Derrick Jensen, Practical Prepping, KunstlerCast 253, KunstlerCast278, Peak Prosperity , XX2 report

Industrial Agriculture          

Sustainable Agriculture       

  • John Jeavons. 2002. How to grow more vegetables & fruits, nuts berries, grains..on less land than you can imagine
  • Jim Bender. 1994. Future Harvest: Pesticide-Free Farming    
  • B. C. Mollison. 1997.  Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual   

The Joys and Hardships of Family Farms 

  • E. Agnew. Back from the Land: How Young Americans Went to Nature in the 1970s
  • J. Stratton. Pioneer Women: Voices from the Kansas Frontier
  • Mildred Kalish. 2007. Little Heathens. Hard times & high spirits on an Iowa Farm during the great depression.     
  • B. Greenwood. 1998. A pioneer sampler. The daily life of a pioneer family in 1840  
  • R. Montgomery. 2004. A Cow’s Life  The Surprising History of Cattle      
  • David Masumoto. 2009. Epitaph for a Peach, Four Seasons on my Family Farm    
  • Gene Logsdon. 1994. The Contrary Farmer  
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