Steve St. Angelo: Prepare for asset price declines of 50 to 75%

Steve St. Angelo. July 4, 2017. Prepare for asset price declines of 50 to 75%. SRSRocco report.

What we have is a totally propped-up market based upon debt. Energy isn’t producing positive growth. So instead of having real economic growth, we have inflated economic growth and inflated asset values.

When growth starts to decline, I think we’re going to see the valuations of assets decline considerably. It’s anyone’s guess how quickly they can fall, but according to what I have been looking at, I think we are going to see a 50% decrease in real estate values right off the bat. I am not saying this will happen in a day, but the first wave will be a 30-50% decrease in real estate values when the markets really start to crack. They are already at the edge of the cliff — and I see prices falling down the cliff, struggling to recover, and then falling even further.

I predict within the next 5-10 years, we can easily see a 75% or more reduction in real estate values.

Unfortunately, most precious metals and resource analysts overlook energy.  Thus, their analysis is likely flawed because they view the future as a continuation of “business as usual”, once the debts and leverage are taken out of the system.  This is an incorrect assumption, because the debt and leverage actually have allowed our financial system and markets to continue to function well beyond its expiration date.  Getting rid of the debt and leverage would cause a collapse of the system… one that we will be unable to grow back out of.

I believe it is important to continue focusing on the information and data as it changes.  This will provide the investor-public with a guideline as to the timing of the upcoming disintegration of our highly leveraged debt based financial market.

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One Response to Steve St. Angelo: Prepare for asset price declines of 50 to 75%

  1. energyskeptic says:

    No doubt that’s true. I don’t know how the bubble keeps going in California, there are so few “greater fools” left who can afford to buy a house. But in 2008 prices dropped everywhere, and where I live, the San Francisco bay area, many homes are empty because they’ve been bought by the very wealth for second, third, and so on homes, accelerating the housing crisis. Plus getaway spots from China and elsewhere, the climate here and amount of food grown probably attracts survivalists as well.