Human over-consumption causes far more biodiversity loss than climate change

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  1. Robert Martin says:

    The destruction of the natural world is not the result of global capitalism, industrialisation, “Western civilisation” or any flaw in human institutions. It is a consequence of the evolutionary success of an exceptionally rapacious primate. Throughout all of history and prehistory, human advance has coincided with ecological devastation. — John Gray, STRAW DOGS

    All civilisation does the same to different degrees. Western was just simply the most powerful at exploiting, something any other would do in a similar position. Higher genius per capita in England and availability of fossil fuels was just the perfect breeding ground for the industrial revolution to take place.

    Social darwinism would actually be beneficial, raising congenital traits for being conscientious, altruistic, even genius (Edward Dutton, At Our Wits End). Average intelligence, character and health has been declining for at least a century (Richard Lynn, Dysgenics: Genetic Deterioration in Modern Population s). Evolutionary novel behaviour such as practicing conservation, taking contraception, liberalism, atheism (anything that does not directly benefit survival of genes) is also argued by Satoshi Kanazawa to be a product of high intelligence, perhaps why some populations fail miserably to self-limit their growth and then spill over to over consuming countries as Alice has pointed out in her Why Did Everyone Stop Talking About Immigration?

    So it can be argued science is powerless against the declining quality of people, that’s why you observe all this dysfunction unchallenged, that’s why we’re locked into this failed strategy. Civilisation, without illiberal mitigations, relaxes natural selection and irreversibly locks itself into a one way track to collapse by dysgenics and ecological overshoot.