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Inside North Korea’s Environmental Collapse

My comment: is the fate of North Korea what awaits us all when we run out of fossil fuels and cut down our forests to cook and heat with, and to create more arable land to grow food? Inside North … Continue reading

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Central America deforestation increased by drug trafficking

Legalizing drugs in America could help save Central American rainforests and biodiversity.  These articles show how current drug policies exacerbate rainforest destruction. Conservation Drug Policy as Conservation Policy: Narco-Deforestation. by Kendra McSweeney. Science 31 January 2014: Vol. 343 no. 6170 … Continue reading

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These maps show where the Earth’s forests are vanishing  Brad Plumer. Washington Post. November 14, 2013. As we return to wood as our major fuel source as we did before the 14th century, we are likely to cut most of … Continue reading

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Deforestation increases carbon dioxide release

The Amazon rain forest may be on the cusp of releasing more carbon than it stores.  Until now, the Amazon basin has cooled the planet by removing CO2.  Drought and deforestation has led to enormous numbers of trees dying, pushing … Continue reading

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