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Biomass Electricity More Polluting Than Coal and Waste Incinerators

Trees, Trash, and Toxics: How Biomass Energy Has Become the New Coal Mary S. Booth, PhD Partnership for Policy Integrity April 2 , 2014 Executive Summary Highlights Because of a perfect storm of lax regulation and regulatory rollbacks , biomass … Continue reading

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Largest source of Mercury pollution : small gold miners

Mercury Pollution Gold’s Dark Side.  Small-scale artisanal gold mining has become the world’s leading source of mercury pollution, poisoning air, rivers, and people Lizzie Wade.  27 Sep 2013. Science: Vol. 341 no. 6153 pp. 1448-9 Endowed with a unique ability … Continue reading

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Largest oil spill on earth: Plastic in the Oceans

Friedemann, Alice.  15 Feb 2003. The largest oil spill on Earth: Plastic in the Oceans.  EnergyResources. I had a disturbing experience at Cape Canaveral National Sea Shore last month.  I drove to the north end of the park, and walked … Continue reading

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Nuclear Winter in China: Chinese Smog will lower food supplies

Scientists liken Chinese smog to ‘nuclear winter’ February 27, 2014.  by Kim Kyung-Hoon. Reuters. Air pollution in parts of China is now so extreme it could lead to conditions similar to a “nuclear winter,” scientists say. The smog that covers … Continue reading

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Pesticides & Parkinson’s in California’s Central Valley

Horowitz, J. 2012. Parkinson’s Alley.  Recent studies have found statistical links between pesticide use and an outbreak of Parkinson’s disease in California farm towns. Researchers even know which chemicals are the likely culprits. What’s the government doing about it? Not … Continue reading

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Algal blooms more toxic due to climate change and crop fertilizer runoff

Eutrophication from climate change, dams, higher carbon dioxide concentrations, drought, and nutrients from farm and urban runoff is increasing the size, duration, and toxicity of algal blooms in freshwater lakes and estuaries around the world, which threatens aquatic organisms, ecosystem … Continue reading

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Nuclear Proliferation. Russia plans to build reactors all over the world.

A summary of Eve Conant’s “Russia’s new Empire: Nuclear Power. The federation is aggressively selling reactors all over the world, raising safety concerns.” Scientific American. October 17, 2013 Russia wants to supply nuclear power globally.  If a country can’t afford … Continue reading

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Microchips and Fab Plants: a Detailed description

I recommend reading my overview of how microchips are made before delving into the details below. Introduction to detailed overview of semiconductor manufacturing The crowning achievement of our civilization is the ability to make microchips.  It is by far the … Continue reading

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Book review of “Too Hot to Touch: The Problem of High-Level Nuclear Waste”

A book review by Alice Friedemann of: Too Hot to Touch: The Problem of High-Level Nuclear Waste by William M. Alley & Rosemarie Alley. 2013. Cambridge University Press. Introduction to Nuclear Waste Disposal After Yucca Mountain was thrown out as … Continue reading

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Lead Waste

Biellow, David. 9 Aug 2012. Recycling Reality: Humans Set to Trash Most Elements on the Periodic Table. Scientific American Almost all lead is recycled, among the only elements on the periodic table to earn that distinction. With good reason, mind … Continue reading

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