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Homeland Security and Dept of Energy: Dams and Energy Sectors Interdependency Study

[Below are excerpts from this 45 page document. Dams not only provide power but also water for agriculture, drinking water, cooling water for thermal power plants, ecosystem health, fisheries, and so on.  All dams have a finite lifespan of 50 … Continue reading

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Energy production requires a LOT of water

Energy and water – the real blue-chips August 20, 2011 by Nate Hagens and Kenneth Mulder Some excerpts from this article: The 2 most important natural resources are water and energy. In most cases, each is required to procure the … Continue reading

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Groundwater depletion consequences

Robert. Glennon. 9 Oct 2002. The Perils of Groundwater Pumping. The excessive “mining” of our aquifers is causing environmental degradation on a potentially enormous scale. Issues in Science and Technology. National Academy of Sciences. Groundwater is more than 25 percent … Continue reading

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Lack of water threatens energy production

July 2013. U.S. Energy Sector Vulnerabilities to Climate Change and Extreme Weather. 18 July 2013. Katherine Tweed. Collision Between Water and Energy Is Underway, and Worsening. 24 July 2013. Bloomberg News. China Coal-Fired Economy Dying of Thirst as Mines … Continue reading

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Ground water declining at an alarming rate in Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey

22 Feb 2013. Science vol 339 p.889 Drying Out the Cradle of Civilization New satellite data paint a picture of humans draining the region’s meager water resources at an alarming rate. By measuring subtle changes in the pull of gravity … Continue reading

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Climate change is inducing salinity into drinking water world-wide: more cardiovascular and other diseases will rise

Science 23 November 2012: Vol. 338 no. 6110 pp. 1028-1029 Climate Change–Induced Salinity Threatens Health Sea-level rise, storm surges, and cyclones exacerbated by climate change have begun to severely affect coasts and river estuaries in low-income countries. The resulting increased … Continue reading

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Aquifer decline in California

Central valley of California (20,000 Square Miles) Cumulative groundwater depletion in the Central Valley of California, 1900 through 2008 California grows a third of America’s food, so what happens here affects everyone. California lost nearly 145 cubic kilometers of groundwater … Continue reading

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Ogallala (High Plains) aquifer depletion

Ogallala aquifer (High Plains) Cumulative groundwater depletion in the High Plains aquifer 1900-2008 Has declined as much as 164 feet in some places. 337 km3 total depletion since 1900.

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USGS Groundwater Depletion study of Aquifer decline in the United States

The Ogallala aquifer and other aquifers produce about one-third of america’s corn, wheat, alfalfa and other crops that feed both people and animals.  They are being depleted rapidly and most wont’ be recharged until after the next ice age. According … Continue reading

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Water depletion and pollution

Water Depletion Michael Specter. October 23, 2006. The Last Drop. Confronting the possibility of global catastrophe. The New Yorker. Cyanobacteria Brookes, J., et al.  7 Oct 2011. Resilience to Blooms. Science. Explosive cyanobacterial blooms cause disease in humans and livestock, … Continue reading

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