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Lester Brown on Water shortages, Climate Change, Soil Erosion, Decreasing Crop Yields

Institute of Medicine. The Nexus of Biofuels, Climate Change, and Human Health: Workshop Summary. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press, 2014. BIOFUELS AND THE WORLD FOOD ECONOMY The session’s first speaker was Lester Brown, founder and president of the Earth … Continue reading

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A book review of “Russia’s Food Policies and Globalization”

by Alice Friedemann Wegren, Stephen K.  Russia’s Food Policies and Globalization. 2005. Lexington Books. Governments that can’t feed their people lose their legitimacy and risk widespread social unrest.  The Russian government has made many mistakes in the past, such as … Continue reading

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Ashvin Pandurangi on social disorder and the military

The Debt-Dollar Discipline: Part III – Future Reorganization Dec 13, 2010. Ashvin Pandurangi [giant snips and rearrangement of material] Machines of societal oppression, whether they are equipment or computerized devices, cannot continue to function at their current rates of activity … Continue reading

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How to Survive the Coming Century

Excerpts from 25 Feb 2009  How to survive the coming century All of the world’s major deserts are predicted to expand, with the Sahara reaching right into central Europe. Glacial retreat will dry Europe’s rivers from the Danube to … Continue reading

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Marty Hoffert predicts feudal economy at best, hunter-gatherer at worst from future climate change

Marty Hoffert, is an emeritus physics professor at NYU and energy researcher, who wrote one of the most important articles on potential energy resources that could replace fossil fuels sent this note by e-mail: However welcome the news may be … Continue reading

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Who Lives, Who dies in a never-ending energy crisis. Book review of Nothing to Envy. Ordinary Lives in North Korea

Who lives, Who Dies in a Never-Ending Energy Crisis a book review by Alice Friedemann of: Barbara Demick. 2010. “Nothing to Envy. Ordinary lives in North Korea”. North Korea and Cuba were the first countries to lose oil, the lifeblood … Continue reading

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Energy in the Food System uses 19% of all energy consumed in the USA. Pimentel 2008

Reducing Energy Inputs in the US Food System David Pimentel & Sean Williamson & Courtney E. Alexander & Omar Gonzalez-Pagan & Caitlin Kontak & Steven E. Mulkey. Hum Ecol (2008) 36:459–471 [some excerpts below. Clearly we’ve got to start reducing … Continue reading

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Energy in Food System. March 2010. USDA

Energy Use in the U.S. Food System 2010. P. Canning et al. USDA. Economic Research Report Number 94 Another great review of this article is Beyond Food Miles by Michael Bomford, a research scientist and extension specialist at Kentucky State … Continue reading

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Articles about the Stages of Collapse

Complexity, Problem Solving, and Sustainable Societies 1996. Joseph A. Tainter from GETTING DOWN TO EARTH: Practical Applications of Ecological Economics, Island Press, 1996; ISBN 1-55963-503-7 OVERVIEW   Historical knowledge is essential to practical applications of ecological economics. Systems of problem … Continue reading

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Oil and Gas Infrastructure are Rusting Apart

Oil And Gas “Rust”: An Evil Worse Than Depletion Offshore Technology Conference May 5, 2008 Houston, Texas by Matthew R. Simmons Chairman Simmons & Company International Some of the slides are: If Infrastructure Not Rebuilt It Creates A Double Whammy … Continue reading

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