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Cuba coped because of a strong social network, a climate where 3 crops can be grown per year, government prevention of profiteering, for example confiscating truckers charging black market prices. Oxfam has the best description of what happened, the rosy views of many documentaries are too rosy. It’s best to also know what didn’t work well to plan for our own coming transition

Lessons learned from how Cuba survived peak oil

Preface. After seeing the film “The Power of Community: How Cuba survived Peak Oil” in 2006, I thought about how those lessons might apply to California agriculture. California grows about one-third of the U.S. food supply. Much of what follows … Continue reading

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How different nations have coped with oil shortages

[ In this article, Friedrichs shows how differently Cuba, North Korea, and Japan coped after a sudden loss of most of their oil.  I first became aware of how essential oil is for nations when I read Daniel Yergin’s 1991 … Continue reading

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