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Climate change may corrode concrete even faster

[ I’ve paraphrased and shortened this article about how climate change will corrode concrete faster in the future from increasing carbon dioxide levels, and in coastal cities, from the chloride ions in sea spray. After that is the introduction section … Continue reading

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Corrosion eats $552 billion infrastructure a year (6% of GDP)

USDOT. March 2002. Corrosion cost and preventive strategies in the United States. U.S. Department of transportation, Federal highway administration. 784 pages. NACE. Corrosion costs and preventive strategies in the United States.   [ United States infrastructure was built when the … Continue reading

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Structurally Deficient Bridges

United States’ Structurally Deficient Bridges on the National Highways System Of 604,460 bridges in 2010, 71,177 (12%) are rated structurally deficient and 78,477 (13%) are rated functionally obsolete. Dill in on a state and county to see what bridges near … Continue reading

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