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Largest oil spill on earth: Plastic in the Oceans

Friedemann, Alice.  15 Feb 2003. The largest oil spill on Earth: Plastic in the Oceans.  EnergyResources. I had a disturbing experience at Cape Canaveral National Sea Shore last month.  I drove to the north end of the park, and walked … Continue reading

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Oceans in danger: excessive fishing, pollution, bioinvasion, acidification, oil spills, eutrophication

Carl Safina, Sarah Chasis. 9 Oct 2004.  Saving the Oceans. Two major commissions have proposed far-reaching reform of ocean policy. It’s time for Congress to act. Issues in Science & Technology. National Academy of Sciences. Oceans have been suffering from … Continue reading

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Why and how Jellyfish are taking over the world

A book review of Lisa-ann Gershwin’s “Stung! On jellyfish blooms and the future of the ocean” by Alice Friedemann Move aside Steven King, jellyfish are worse than any of your demons, worse than any Grade-B monster that’s graced the silver … Continue reading

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Phytoplankton have declined 40%: they provide food and oxygen for all creatures on Earth

This article from NewScientist discusses how phytoplankton are disappearing — and they provide half of the food animals both in the ocean and on land depend on, plus produce a great deal of the oxygen we breathe. Throw in overfishing, … Continue reading

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Dying seagrass is releasing massive amounts of carbon dioxide

23 May 2012. Mowing down seagrass meadows will cut loose carbon. NewScientist. SEagrass has as much carbon as the world’s forests and the carbon dioxide contained in them could be released as they are dying off from water pollution, dredging, … Continue reading

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Acidification of our oceans: unprecedented rate in past 300 million years

Acid stats 30% rise in acidity since preindustrial times (13 July 2012. Sciencevol 337:146) 150% increase by 2100 (13 July 2012. Sciencevol 337:146) Hönisch, Bärbel, et al. 2 Mar 2012. The Geological Record of Ocean Acidification. Science vol 335 #6072 … Continue reading

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Fishery destruction

From increased carbon dioxide By the end of this century, carbon dioxide levels in the ocean are likely reach levels that will interfere with fishes’ ability to escape from predators, hear, and smell.  Carbon dioxide is already affecting fish brains … Continue reading

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Acid Oceans: how sea life is affected

April 30, 2014 Ocean acidity is dissolving shells of tiny snails off U.S. West Coast Biologists have found the first evidence that acidity of continental shelf waters off the U.S. West Coast is dissolving the shells of tiny free-swimming marine … Continue reading

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Mass Extinction in Oceans is happening NOW

ScienceDaily (Aug. 20, 2012) — Life in the world’s oceans faces far greater change and risk of large-scale extinctions than at any previous time in human history, a team of the world’s leading marine scientists has warned.  The researchers compared … Continue reading

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