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Over 250 Cognitive biases, fallacies, errors, and more

In addition to an almost mandatory optimism about everything (i.e. see Barbara Ehrenreich’s talk “Smile or Die“), there is very little teaching of critical thinking skills in schools.  I’m sure I make some of these mistakes, but at least being … Continue reading

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Why do political and economic leaders deny Peak Oil and Climate Change?

Since there’s nothing that can be done about climate change, because there’s no scalable alternative to fossil fuels, I’ve always wondered why politicians and other leaders, who clearly know better, feel compelled to deny it.  I think it’s for exactly … Continue reading

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Why Collapse is Inevitable (but hard to see)

Gregor Macdonald explains very well Why we will be Returning to Simplicity (Whether We Want To or Not) that we depend on continuing growth to function.  We’ve all existed at a time when technology got better and better at extracting … Continue reading

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Optimism versus Ignorance

When it comes to scientific topics like peak oil and climate change, are people’s opinions based on optimism, or ignorance?  Does optimism prevent people from even obtaining the information that would make them less optimistic?  Consider what it took for … Continue reading

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