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IEA 2018 World Energy Outlook: Peak oil is here, oil crunch by 2023

Preface. Excerpts from the cleantechnica article below make it clear why there is likely to be a supply crunch as soon as the early 2020s, and the investment implications. Here’s what I’ve gleaned from other summaries of the report. Although … Continue reading

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Steven Kopits – peak 2014-2016

29 April 2013. ASPO-USA Peak Oil Review. Commentary: Interview with Steven Kopits by Steve Andrews My summary/edited down version (the full version is below): Oil companies are cancelling projects because their costs are going up, yet the price of oil … Continue reading

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Bakken Shale and U.S. Oil Production

Roger Blanchard. 26 Dec 2011. ASPO-USA peak oil newsletter On Sept. 25, 2011 National Public Radio’s All Things Considered program had a segment consisting of what I considered highly questionable information concerning oil production in the Bakken Shale region of … Continue reading

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