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Richard Heinberg – collapse in a few years to decades

China or the U.S.: Which Will Be the Last Nation Standing? Feb 3, 2010 by Richard Heinberg Silly me. Here I had thought that world leaders would want to keep their nations from collapsing. They must be working hard to … Continue reading

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Paul Kingsnorth on Collapse

It’s the End of the World as We Know It . . . and He Feels Fine APRIL 17, 2014  DANIEL SMITH    New York Times [excerpts from a very long article] Kingsnorth is 41, tall, slim and energetic, with sweeping … Continue reading

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Lester Brown on Water shortages, Climate Change, Soil Erosion, Decreasing Crop Yields

Institute of Medicine. The Nexus of Biofuels, Climate Change, and Human Health: Workshop Summary. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press, 2014. BIOFUELS AND THE WORLD FOOD ECONOMY The session’s first speaker was Lester Brown, founder and president of the Earth … Continue reading

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Ashvin Pandurangi on social disorder and the military

The Debt-Dollar Discipline: Part III – Future Reorganization Dec 13, 2010. Ashvin Pandurangi [giant snips and rearrangement of material] Machines of societal oppression, whether they are equipment or computerized devices, cannot continue to function at their current rates of activity … Continue reading

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How to Survive the Coming Century

Excerpts from 25 Feb 2009  How to survive the coming century All of the world’s major deserts are predicted to expand, with the Sahara reaching right into central Europe. Glacial retreat will dry Europe’s rivers from the Danube to … Continue reading

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William Rees: Culture and behavior: The human nature of unsustainability

Read the full report:»  Download the PDF (1 MB) by William Rees,  Post Carbon Institute    Sep 1, 2011 The Unsustainability Conundrum In 1992 the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) issued the following gloomy assessment of the prospects for civilization: … Continue reading

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Alfred McCoy in Salon Magazine on How America will collapse (by 2025)

How America will collapse by 2025. Four scenarios that could spell the end of the United States as we know it — in the very near future. Alfred McCoy. December 6, 2010. Here are a few extracts from this … Continue reading

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Survival: Stay out of Institutions

The census bureau definition of Institutional Group Quarters: Facilities for people under formally authorized, supervised care or custody, such as correctional facilities, nursing facilities/skilled nursing facilities, in-patient hospice facilities, mental (psychiatric) hospitals, group homes for juveniles, and residential treatment centers … Continue reading

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Ugo Bardi: Quite likely we’ll have a fast collapse, a “Seneca Cliff”

Excerpts from: Ugo Bardi. August 28, 2011. The Seneca effect: why decline is faster than growth. Ugo Bardi. July 15, 2013.The punctuated collapse of the Roman Empire. Could it be that the Seneca cliff is what we are facing, right … Continue reading

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Survival: Avoid Disease and Disability

If you want to have a shot at making it through the worst of the collapse stay healthy and avoid accidents.  Medicine will be less available as the depression grows worse and businesses fail. Below are some statistics about various … Continue reading

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