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Cascading failure + Liebig’s Law + Supply Chain Breakdown = Collapse of civilization

Declining supplies of high-quality, easy-to-get fossil fuels with no alternatives ready to replace them — ever — is the #1 issue. As long as we have oil, all problems can be solved, unless oil lasts long enough to deplete every … Continue reading

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MicroChips after Collapse: kiss your computer and cell phone goodbye

I encourage you to read about how pencils are made and Thwaite’s attempt to build a simple toaster from scratch before you read what follows.  I don’t even attempt to list the hundreds of materials, rare metals, complex chemicals, catalysts, … Continue reading

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Even Pencils will be hard to make

Most of us are unaware of how complex our society is, how things are made, how food is grown, how stuff is delivered, and the people, energy, transportation, and kinds and sources of materials in every day objects.  This essay, … Continue reading

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