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Biggest threat to biodiversity is not climate change: it’s agriculture, fishing, and hunting

[ This article makes the point that other factors are far more to blame for biodiversity loss than climage change. And with “peak everything“, especially peak oil, but also peak coal, and peak natural gas — greenhouse gas emissions will … Continue reading

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Menhaden going extinct — the key food source at bottom of food web

[ This is a really long introduction so I can reply to a comment that menhaden are “neither overfished nor experiencing overfishing”.   Huh? Both their numbers and range are small compared to their original population. If there were a reduction, … Continue reading

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Sardine fishery threatened

Milius, S. 27 Feb 2012. Sardine fishery may be in peril. Conditions in northeast Pacific echo those related to collapse last century. Science News. The Sardine fishery was once the largest of any species in the Western hemisphere.  It’s still … Continue reading

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