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GAO on why ethanol, and other non-drop in fuels, face pipeline & installation at service station challenges

[The challenges that ethanol faces in being put into new or modified pipelines and added to gas stations are issues faced by all alternative fuels (methanol, CNG, LNG, DME, diesohol, CTL, hydrogen, and so on) in a transition from gasoline … Continue reading

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Biofuels do not scale up enough to power society

Richard, T. August 23, 2010. Challenges in scaling up biofuels infrastructure. Science. (329)   Below are excerpts from this paper.  Look at the impossible scale of biomass required: 150 EJ/year = 15 billion metric tons of plant biomass = 200 billion … Continue reading

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Peak Soil: Why Biofuels are Not Sustainable and a Threat to America’s National Security

Alice Friedemann.  2007.   Last updated April 5, 2015 “The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself”, President Franklin D. Roosevelt There’s growing public attention from the people, all the way on down to the President, about biomass potential for energy.  … Continue reading

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Weißbach, D., et al. April 2013. Energy intensities, EROIs, and energy payback times of electricity generating power plants. Energy. Vol 52: 1, 210–221 Producing natural gas from maize growing, so-called biogas, is energetically expensive due to the large electricity needs … Continue reading

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Large agribusiness gets corporate welfare via illegal ethanol subsidies

What more proof is needed that the Energy Returned on Energy Invested of ethanol is negative?  They’re losing money and getting corporate welfare to keep the scam going, meanwhile destroying prime topsoil, poisoning the land with pesticides, and eutrophying the … Continue reading

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One gallon of gas = 98 tons of ancient plants

Bad Mileage: 98 tons of plants per gallon. Study shows vast amounts of ‘buried sunshine’ needed to fuel society. Dukes, J.S. 2003. Burning buried sunshine: human consumption of ancient solar energy. Climatic Change, 61(1-2): 31-44 A staggering 98 tons of … Continue reading

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Germany National Academy of Sciences report: Don’t use biofuels

Science magazine mentioned this study, below is my summary of it 26 Jul 2012.  Bioenergy — Chances and Limits. German National Academy of Science (Leopoldina Nationale Akademie der Wissenschaften). Page 30-56 English Version. A major motivations for using bioenergy is … Continue reading

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Biofuel Updates

Articles that honestly discuss the failure of biofuels are rare.  The best summary of why they are the most environmentally destructive and require more energy to make than the end result is in my paper Peak Soil. Also see why … Continue reading

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Biofuels can be explosive

Oil and natural gas can be cheaply distributed by pipeline, but ethanol must move by very expensive truck or train. 6 Feb 2011. Ohio train derailment prompts evacuations. CNN. 7 Oct 2011. Freight Train Derailment in Illinois Prompts Evacuations.   Associated … Continue reading

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