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Escape to Mars to solve our problems? How absurd

                      [ Go to Mars?  Really?  We tried that already, in the three acre sealed Biosphere complex, which is far larger than anything we could hope to construct on Mars.   … Continue reading

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Whirlwind Power

Sounds great — but will it scale up?  That’s been the downfall of many projects that work small scale, like biofuels from algae & cellulosic, etc.  And as I say at the top of many of these posts, this is … Continue reading

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Perpetual Motion. Robert Park. 28 Jun 2002. “Free Energy, APS speaks out on Perpetual Motion”. Playground. Mike Wendland. 3 Mar 3, 2003. Kiddie Power. Detroit Free Press. Soap. Michael Steen. 16 Sep 2002. A squeaky clean future for the … Continue reading

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