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Gas to Liquids (GTL)

Not going to happen — way too energy and monetarily expensive for fuels, possibly makes economic sense for chemicals in areas with a lot of natural gas. February 19, 2014. United States Energy Information Administration Gas-to-liquids plants face challenges in … Continue reading

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Can Railroad locomotives run on LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)

Building new LNG locomotives would be really stupid given that fracked natural gas production in America will peak roughly 2015-2018 and decline at an alarming rate, given the 60% per year decline rate of fracked natural gas wells.  There have … Continue reading

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Energy Watch Group 2013 Natural Gas Supply Outlook

Energy Watch Group. March 2013. Fossil and Nuclear Fuels – the Supply Outlook (172 pages) Summary (see report for details) This report also contains scenario projections for the future supply of natural gas. These are performed in similar depth as … Continue reading

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Exporting Natural Gas from America

Bottom Line: We don’t have the natural gas to export as you can see in Shale Oil and Gas Will Not Save Us. Here is Kurt Cobb of Resouce Insights on this matter: Apr 15 2012 by Resource Insights, The … Continue reading

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Natural Gas used in Agriculture

Will Natural Gas Fuel America in the 21st Century? May 2011    Post Carbon Institute Agriculture and Natural Gas by Michael Bomford Michael Bomford is a research scientist and extension specialist at Kentucky State University and an adjunct faculty member in … Continue reading

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Shale Oil and Gas Will Not Save Us

Here are just a few of many articles on this topic: R. Heinberg. Chapter 5 of How Fracking’s False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future: The Economics of Fracking: Who Benefits? October 2013. Hall, C. Are we Entering the Second Half … Continue reading

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The Nitrogen Bomb – fossil-fueled fertilizers keep 5.5 billion people alive

This article explains why the carrying capacity was 1.5 billion people until natural-gas based fertilizers were invented.  As natural gas declines, so too will human population. DISCOVER Vol. 22 No. 4 April 2001. By David E. Fisher & Marshall Jon … Continue reading

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Energy infrastructure cyberattack targets

An Attack on Energy Infrastructure would affect all other Infrastructure Developments in digital information and telecommunications dramatically increased interdependencies among the Nation’s critical infrastructures. Each depends on others to function successfully. Disruptions in a single infrastructure can generate disturbances within … Continue reading

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NG vehicles: 15 million world-wide, up to $1.7 million per NG filling station

14 July 2013. Energy Burrito. 10 Points To Consider In The Natural-Gas-Vehicle Debate. The perception of natural gas as a mainstream fuel for vehicles runs the gamut, dependent upon where you live: from the improbable… to the viable… to … Continue reading

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Natural Gas and Trucking

What we are facing is a liquids fuels crisis, since 97% of transportation depends on oil (especially to plant, harvest, and distribute food, long-haul trucking, trains, etc).  To the extent that natural gas can fill in for oil, that will … Continue reading

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