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Industrial Waste Heat – more BTUs than all renewable energy resources combined

Industrial waste heat Coal, natural gas, and oil are essential for the high temperatures required in the thermal processing of metals, cement, fertilizer, glass, processed foods, and so on. About 420 trillion Btus of this is wasted, and some of … Continue reading

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Natural gas: The fracking fallacy Nature 2014

Inman, Mason. December 3, 2014. Natural Gas: The fracking fallacy. Nature 516, 28-30 Editorial The EIA projects that production will rise by more than 50% over the next quarter of a century, and perhaps beyond, with shale formations supplying much … Continue reading

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Natural Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) as a Drop-in Diesel fuel

[The reason GTL is a big deal is that it can substitute for diesel without having to modify a diesel engine to do so — therefore, it’s a “drop-in fuel” substitute. However, GTL isn’t likely to be the answer, since … Continue reading

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Renewable incentives destabilize, harm electric grid

Wald, Matthew L.   7 Oct 2014. How Grid Efficiency Went South. New York times. Summary: 1) society would be better off if homeowners faced their rooftop solar panels westward, the peak time more energy is needed, but they won’t because … Continue reading

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LNG overview

Liquefied natural gas is natural gas chilled down to -260 F which reduces its volume by about 600 times. Back in 2004 the USA was about to import LNG because we appeared to be running low on natural gas here.  … Continue reading

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The Nitrogen Bomb – fossil-fueled fertilizers keep 5.5 billion people alive

Fisher, D. 4 April 2001. Discover magazine Vol. 22 No. 4  The Nitrogen Bomb. By learning to draw fertilizer from a clear blue sky, chemists have fed the multitudes. They’ve also unleashed a fury as threatening as atomic energy. In … Continue reading

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Can Railroad locomotives run on LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)

Building new LNG locomotives would be really stupid given that fracked natural gas production in America will peak roughly 2015-2018 and decline at an alarming rate, given the 60% per year decline rate of fracked natural gas wells.  There have … Continue reading

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Energy Watch Group 2013 Natural Gas Supply Outlook

Energy Watch Group. March 2013. Fossil and Nuclear Fuels – the Supply Outlook (172 pages) Summary (see report for details) This report also contains scenario projections for the future supply of natural gas. These are performed in similar depth as … Continue reading

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Exporting Natural Gas from America

We don’t have the natural gas to export as you can see in Shale Oil and Gas Will Not Save Us. Nonetheless, it looks like we may be exporting it. Matt Simmons, a financier of very large energy projects thinks … Continue reading

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Natural Gas used in Agriculture

Will Natural Gas Fuel America in the 21st Century? May 2011    Post Carbon Institute Agriculture and Natural Gas by Michael Bomford Michael Bomford is a research scientist and extension specialist at Kentucky State University and an adjunct faculty member in … Continue reading

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