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Shale Oil and Gas Will Not Save Us

Here are just a few of many articles on this topic: R. Heinberg. Chapter 5 of How Fracking’s False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future: The Economics of Fracking: Who Benefits? October 2013. Hall, C. Are we Entering the Second Half … Continue reading

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The Nitrogen Bomb – fossil-fueled fertilizers keep 5.5 billion people alive

This article explains why the carrying capacity was 1.5 billion people until natural-gas based fertilizers were invented.  As natural gas declines, so too will human population. DISCOVER Vol. 22 No. 4 April 2001. By David E. Fisher & Marshall Jon … Continue reading

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Energy infrastructure cyberattack targets

An Attack on Energy Infrastructure would affect all other Infrastructure Developments in digital information and telecommunications dramatically increased interdependencies among the Nation’s critical infrastructures. Each depends on others to function successfully. Disruptions in a single infrastructure can generate disturbances within … Continue reading

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NG vehicles: 15 million world-wide, up to $1.7 million per NG filling station

14 July 2013. Energy Burrito. 10 Points To Consider In The Natural-Gas-Vehicle Debate. The perception of natural gas as a mainstream fuel for vehicles runs the gamut, dependent upon where you live: from the improbable… to the viable… to … Continue reading

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Natural Gas and Trucking

What we are facing is a liquids fuels crisis, since 97% of transportation depends on oil (especially to plant, harvest, and distribute food, long-haul trucking, trains, etc).  To the extent that natural gas can fill in for oil, that will … Continue reading

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Natural Gas statistics

As I run across news items with the latest data, I add them here. 25 Jan 2013. Rush to Natural Gas has Coal-fired utilities Seeing Red. Wall Street Journal. Electricity from Natural Gas is now 30%, up 12% from 10 … Continue reading

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Up to 9% of Methane lost in leaks erodes green credentials of natural gas

Jeff Tollefson. 2 Jan 2013. Methane leaks erode green credentials of natural gas.  Losses of up to 9% show need for broader data on US gas industry’s environmental impact. Nature, volume 493 Scientists are once again reporting alarmingly high methane … Continue reading

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Natural Gas — How Much is Left in the USA?

Although there’s been a fracking boom for shale gas in America, many are skeptical.   We need local gas since it’s very expensive to import from overseas sources like Qatar, and we’re competing with other nations for delivery, which drives the … Continue reading

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Natural Gas pros and cons

Natural gas is the ideal electricity generating source: No sulfur or mercury like coal No particulates like diesel fuels Isn’t radioactive like uranium It’s always “on” unlike intermittent sources such as wind and solar Natural gas power plants are essential … Continue reading

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