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Giant Oil Field Decline Rates

Summary of article 1, Cobb’s “Aging Giant Oil Fields” 2013 The world’s 507 giant oil fields comprise a little over 1% of all oil fields, but produce 60% of current world supply Of the 331 largest fields, 261, or 79%, … Continue reading

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How Much Oil is Left?

How Much Oil is Left? [This is a complex question, because the quality of the oil matters.  We’ve gotten the good stuff, the light, easy oil. Much of the remaining oil is deep, nasty-gunky stuff, in arctic and other remote … Continue reading

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Energy return on investment, peak oil, and the end of economic growth

David J. Murphy and Charles A. S. Hall. 2011. Energy return on investment, peak oil, and the end of economic growth in “Ecological Economics Reviews.” Robert Costanza, Karin Limburg & Ida Kubiszewski, Eds. Annals of the New York Academy of … Continue reading

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Export Land Model and Energy Prices

What the Export Land Model Means for Energy Prices David Galland, Managing Director Casey Research June 5th, 2008 To understand the importance of exports when discussing peak oil, ask yourself the question: “What’s more important: the fact that global oil … Continue reading

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Why is oil production peak the problem and not when the oil runs out?

First, a little history The exponential growth of population from 1 billion to 7 billion in less than 200 years was fueled by fossil fuels, especially oil, which does the actual work of a society and is as necessary as … Continue reading

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Matt Simmons “Twilight in the Desert” Saudi Arabia oil: how much left?

Once the large fields peak in Saudi Arabia oil shocks will reverberate throughout the world Best up-to-date status of oil fields in Saudi Arabia. Ghawar is in decline, but 2 new fields filled in, once they’re in decline, there are … Continue reading

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Book Review of “Wheel of Fortune. The Battle for Oil and Power in Russia”

Alice Friedemann’s review of “Wheel of Fortune. The Battle for Oil and Power in Russia”, by Thane Gustafson. 2012. Update July 2013: Former Soviet Union peak oil and gas has excellent graphs of Russian oil and gas production and where … Continue reading

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Peak Oil Acknowledged by Middle Eastern countries — they’re scared

Very interesting reflections on a peak oil conference in the Middle east of the countries that export oil.  I think it must mean we’re past peak, don’t believe “the near future”. Peak Oil as seen through the eyes of Arab … Continue reading

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Summary of Hirsch & Bezdek 2005 DOE Peak Oil study

A summary of the Department of Energy report: PEAKING OF WORLD OIL PRODUCTION: Impacts, mitigation, & risk management.  February 2005 by Robert L. Hirsch, SAIC, Project Leader Roger Bezdek, MISI, Robert Wendling, MISI The peaking of world oil production presents … Continue reading

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Don’t worry, be happy, there’s plenty of oil, natural gas, & coal left

These posts and links rebut the studies of cornucopians like Magueri and Daniel Yergin at CERA, who say there’s lots of oil left. Richard Kerr. 10 Aug 2012. Are World Oil’s Prospects Not Declining All That Fast? Science vol 337 … Continue reading

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