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2nd largest oil field in the world, Mexic’s Cantarelle, declining rapidly

Mexican oil exports: start saying adios! Martin Payne . 19 Mar 2008.Energy Bulletin. 1)      This story illustrates the problem of RATE of production – you might have a lot of oil, but if you can only produce it at x … Continue reading

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Why is oil production peak the problem and not when the oil runs out?

First, a little history The exponential growth of population from 1 billion to 7 billion in less than 200 years was fueled by fossil fuels, especially oil, which does the actual work of a society and is as necessary as … Continue reading

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A financial crash would stop new oil production, sending us over the net energy cliff with a 10% decline rate per year

Gail Tverberg’s March 4, 2014 “Reasons for our Energy Predicament – an overview” gave me this sudden insight: There is the potential for a sudden drop of 10 to 30% in oil production.  That magnitude of world-wide oil shocks would … Continue reading

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Matt Simmons “Twilight in the Desert” Saudi Arabia oil: how much left?

Once Ghawar and other large fields peak in Saudi Arabia, oil shocks will reverberate throughout the world [Below this article is an interview between Matt Simmons and Jim Puplava] Peter Maass  The Breaking Point.  August 21, 2005 The New York … Continue reading

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Peak oil: “It’s the flows, stupid!”

Peak oil: “It’s the flows, stupid!” by Steve Andrews, Randy Udall, originally published by ASPO-USA  | May 12, 2008 Recent peak oil critic: “In the public mind, peak oil means ‘running out.’” Verbal shots from legendary political consultant James Carville … Continue reading

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Flow Rate by Kurt Cobb at Resource Insights

Sunday, April 28, 2013 The only true metric of energy abundance: The rate of flow Okay, I’m going to give you the shortest course ever in energy abundance: Energy abundance depends entirely on the RATE of energy flow. Let … Continue reading

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