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Corruption threatens to take down the financial system since there have been few reforms and major loopholes in the few changes made since the 2008 crash. Inevitably the financial system will crash again, though it’s hard to say whether corruption, the next energy crisis, war, terrorism, or key oil choke points blocked.

Corruption and economic instability in the news

[ I can’t keep up with the flood of news about corruption, fraud and economic instability, so below are just a few of the stories I’ve run across. I’m including “money” as part of a “Fast Crash” collapse because financial … Continue reading

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Why economic corruption or an oil decline will lead to a financial crash, depression, and permanent energy crisis

This is the introduction to the Corruption category under the Menu item 3) Fast Crash. The posts in this category show that another, much worse crash, is inevitable.  Meanwhile, low oil prices have led to less oil production and discoveries.  … Continue reading

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