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All vehicles (cars, trucks, ships, trains) have microchips. All computer Systems would stop working: Financial, Transportation, Health, Industry, Infrastructure (the Electric Grid, Nuclear Power Plants, Oil refineries, etc), Satellites, GPS, computers, cell phones — virtually every electronic device has microchips. All microchips have a limited and short lifespan because there are always impurities and other internal metals and substances that migrate over time and slow the chip down and eventually cause it to fail.

High-Tech can’t last: there are limited essential elements

There are 17 rare earth elements in the periodic table. About nine of those elements go into every iPhone sold… and if China were suddenly to disappear from a map tomorrow, Apple would lose about 90% of those elements.  Source: … Continue reading

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Chip Fab Plants need electricity 24 x 7. The electric grid needs chips. The Financial system needs both.

[ When Trucks stop running, civilization ends.  Trucks are not only vulnerable to running out of liquid fuels, they also depend on micro-chips (i.e. engine, emissions, etc), which can only be made if electricity is up  around the clock. Alice … Continue reading

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Motherboards in Computers – too complex to make in the future

How can a wood-based world have the supply chains, minerals, electric-grid up 24 x 7, and so on necessary to construct anything this complex?  It’s time to preserve knowledge on something more long lasting than microfiche or acid-free paper. How … Continue reading

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Microchips and Fab Plants: a Detailed description

I recommend reading my overview of how microchips are made before delving into the details below. Introduction to detailed overview of semiconductor manufacturing The crowning achievement of our civilization is the ability to make microchips.  It is by far the … Continue reading

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The Fragility of Microchips

This is an introduction to how microchips are made to give you an idea of how difficult and amazing they are. They’re also incredibly important to civilization — like energy, there isn’t a single business endeavor, infrastructure, or  electronic device … Continue reading

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