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Why world leaders are terrified of water shortages

[ The article blow shows how water crisis in Yemen and Syria led to civil war, mass migration, roadblocks by angry citizens, water riots, increased dengue fever as people hard water, and 1 million refugees fleeing to Europe.  Egypt also … Continue reading

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Detecting Food Stamp Fraud

[ The number of Americans on food stamps has been trending up for years, in August 2012 it was 15% of Americans, 47,102,780 people. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), has quadrupled in cost since 2001, and doubled in cost … Continue reading

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Menhaden going extinct — the key food source at bottom of food web

[ This is a really long introduction so I can reply to a comment that menhaden are “neither overfished nor experiencing overfishing”.   Huh? Both their numbers and range are small compared to their original population. If there were a reduction, … Continue reading

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China food security: climate change likely to reduce rice, wheat, and other crop yields

Climate change is also likely to lower wheat production:  Global warming will have a bad effect on heat-sensitive wheat, slashing yields even more than was originally feared.  It could be much harder than we thought to feed everyone in a … Continue reading

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Worldwide hunger and starvation

Kenneth R. Weiss. 22 July 2012. As the world’s population grows, hunger persists on a massive scale. Nearly 1 billion people are malnourished, and a child dies of hunger every 11 seconds.  Los Angeles Times series “Beyond 7 billion”. Around … Continue reading

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Rich nations grabbing land from poor nations

[ There are so many nations grabbing land from other nations that I gave up trying to summarize this excellent book and just used a few paragraphs from NewScientist.  Having to import food is a clear sign of being over … Continue reading

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