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Pigeon towers to cope with Peak Phosphate?

[ Thanks Brian Davey for letting me know about this. Beats going to war for guano.  See what they look like here or here  — they are quite beautiful as well. Alice Friedemann  author of “When Trucks Stop Running: … Continue reading

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Why did everyone stop talking about Population & Immigration?

[ I’ve summarized the 20 top reasons why population growth was abandoned by environmental groups and received little coverage in the news media the past 40 years.  I highly recommend reading Beck and Kolankiewicz (2000) “The Environmental Movement’s Retreat from … Continue reading

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Why did the environmental movement drop the issue of overpopulation?

[ This is most of the 27 page report. Beck and Kolankiewicz wrote this to explain why the environmental movement abandoned the goal of keeping population within the carrying capacity of U.S. resources. Systems ecologists such as Paul Erlich, David … Continue reading

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Oil shortages and climate change may lead to refugee camps even in the U.S. and Europe

[ Will refugee camps be the cities of tomorrow in the U.S. and other developed nations? As oil shortages disrupt supply chains; food shortages grow larger every year from climate change, topsoil erosion, and shortages of natural-gas fertilizer; and rising … Continue reading

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Anyone who whines about airplanes should have to take the Oregon Trail

Source: Book cover of “Oregon Or Bust: True Short Stories from the Descendants of Oregon Trail Pioneers, Prospectors, Trappers, and Settlers in the Great Northwest Hardcover” by Gentry Ward Cutsforth (2012), XLibris. [ In addition, I recommend the Louis CK … Continue reading

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Plan B: How the rich are prepping for collapse

[ It’s not just individuals but nations that are seeking land to improve their security.   As an example of what a house built by someone rich to last beyond the fossil fuel age is like, I have a description of … Continue reading

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How to survive a nuclear winter

[ Clearly you’d want to move to Australia or New Zealand or stockpile 5 years of food.  Related posts: Nuclear winter: World-wide ozone loss from small nuclear war = 1 billion + deaths The EMP Commission estimates a nationwide blackout … Continue reading

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Plant more prairies to save topsoil and prevent pollution runoff

[ A program to plant more prairies to enrich the soil, keep topsoil from blowing and washing away, and provide a bio-diverse habitat for hundreds of species is receiving little funding or farmer participation, even though it would save farmers … Continue reading

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Tax reform & federal energy policy: incentives to promote energy efficiency. U.S. Senate hearing.

[ By far the best strategy to cope with energy decline is to prepare by making homes, businesses, appliances, vehicles, and so on more energy efficient.  If it turns out that renewable energy has too low an EROI to sustain … Continue reading

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Do taxes cover the cost to maintain your street?

From:  Are Your Taxes Paying for the Cost of Your Street? Believe it or not, almost everywhere in the country, people are not paying for the cost of the street right in front of their own properties. I made a … Continue reading

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