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World Resources Institute: Within 12 years food production will go down

For a variety of reasons, this report concludes that food production is likely to go down within the next 12 years, not up. The World Resources Institute recently came out with a report that throws into doubt our ability to … Continue reading

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States should stockpile food like Alaksa

Bohrer, B. 29 Aug 2012. Remote Alaska to stockpile food, just in case. Business Week. JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Alaska is known for pioneering, self-reliant residents who are accustomed to remote locations and harsh weather. Despite that, Gov. Sean Parnell … Continue reading

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Skip the meat and wine, pass the root vegetables (all 7+ billion of you)

I don’t seriously think this is a solution, but if you’re in a climate where sweet potatoes can be grown, they’d be a valuable addition to your home garden. Will Oremus. 12 Jun 2012. I Think, Therefore I Yam When … Continue reading

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