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House Representative Stewart Udall (Arizona) 2005 Time to discard 50 years of energy myths

Stewart Udall and Matthew R. Simmons. Nov 20, 2005. Time to discard fifty years of energy myths. Arizona Daily Star. Stewart Udall was elected to Congress more than 50 years ago, and served as secretary of the Interior during a … Continue reading

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Review of Schneider-Mayerson “Peak Oil Apocalyptic Environmentalism and Libertarian Political Culture”

I just finished a great book about life in Russia called “Nothing is true and everything is possible, the surreal heart of the new Russia” by Peter Pomerantsev. He reveals how Soviet propaganda is propagated through TV shows whose goal … Continue reading

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Departments of Descent

RAYMOND DE YOUNG “As it becomes more acceptable to openly talk about the need to downshift our personal material expectations, a few geographic locations (e.g., Flint, Detroit) will come to realize this same need exists at the community level. In … Continue reading

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